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Eddie Sarkis

Lead Guitarist/Vocalist


Eddie Sarkis is the founder and manager of the Head Over Heels band. Originally, Head Over Heels was a Southern and Classic Rock band with Ed as the lead guitarist and vocalist in 1982.


He got his start playing guitar in local high schools and colleges in New York, as well as performing solo in many of the local Bay Ridge and New York City bars and clubs.


Head Over Heels grew to perform in places such as Club Med for over six years, and beach resorts throughout the Caribbean, Bahamas and Mexico.  Head Over Heels has also played at Hunter Mountain and the Hamptons, and continues to cover the NY Tri-State area, the Jersey Shore and the Atlantic City circuit. Head Over Heels has also played with and for many celebrities.


Ed is constantly working on managing and marketing the band for all to see.  Always striving to improve, Eddie consistently updates the band's vast music catalog to keep up with the present trends, which in turn allows Head Over Heels to appeal to a large audience regardless of venue or crowd.

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