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Kelly-Marie Andersen



Kelly-Marie, a Brooklyn native, discovered her passion and calling in life, music, after winning her 3rd grade talent show.  This second generation songstress, her father is a singer as well, knew what she was meant to do and there was no turning back.


Continuing on her musical journey, at the age of 12 she was a finalist on America’s Most Talented Kids. Following this appearance, she was asked to perform the National Anthem for the New York Mets at Shea Stadium, as well as the Brooklyn Cyclones at Keyspan Park, and went on to perform her rendition for many patriotic holidays, local sports teams/schools, acclaimed ceremonies, benefits, and events. Kelly-Marie has also starred in Off-Broadway and community theatre productions, some of which included Les Miserables, where she portrayed Young Cosette and years later went on to play Eponine. Some other past theater roles include "Annie" ('Annie'),  2 different productions of Guys and Dolls ('Adelaide', 'General Cartwright'), Footloose ('Ariel') , and many others.


At 16, she just missed the cut-off to audition for Showtime at the Apollo as a "child star of tomorrow" contestant, but took a chance and competed with the adults. This chance was worth taking, because she came in 1st place and was crowned "Top Dog".  Kelly-Marie competed in Fox 5’s Good Day New York's New York Idol competition and took first place, now  holding  title of the "New York Idol". She also competed in an X Factor competition in Binghampton, NY where she not only won first place and claimed the title of "Binghampton Idol", but won a trip to DallasTexas, where out of 25,000 contenders she made the top 350, only to be sent home after an interview round!

Kelly-Marie's passion is fueled through performing and music. Head Over Heels is a group of phenomenal musicians that allow her to channel her passion and learn more each and every time they play together.

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