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Paulie "Gee" Jacoby



Bassist Paul G. Jacoby, or Paulie Gee as he is known as, is an accomplished musician & music teacher. Paulie attended classes and graduated from Five Towns College for Music, and Queens College, for Performance and Music Education.  Throughout college and up until now, Paulie has been very active in performing and teaching music.  He has performed all over the Northeast/Tri-State area playing clubs, colleges and venues in the Hamptons, Hunter Mountain, Vermont, the Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, Long Island, and New York.


In 1991, Paulie spent the year touring Europe with Joey Fulco, a former Mr. Teen USA, who was a popular recording artist in Switzerland and was originally from Long Island. When he returned from Europe he had his own band, Jane Doe, which became a top cover band and very much in demand in the Northeast and East Coast N.A.C.A. associations (National Association of Campus Activities). Jane Doe were regulars at both the Northeast and East Coast N.A.C.A. Showcases.

Paulie also spent many years as a home music tutor, tutoring all ages on Bass, Guitar and Piano. He also held teaching positions in different music teaching studios and storefronts as well as having his own home music tutoring service and teaching adult education classes on guitar at churches on Long Island.


Paulie was also the band leader for Loose Moose, the house band for The Crazy Moose Saloon, which was a club in Bayside, Queens, where Jane Doe was originally the house band. Loose Moose were finalists on VH1’s Cover Wars, which was a game show hosted by Paul Shaffer (of the David Letterman Show), where cover bands from around the country competed against one another.


For the past fourteen years, Paulie has been the bassist for Head Over Heels. Performing is Paulie’s first love and passion. He thrives on playing live, especially with the exceptionally talented musicians, past and present, he’s had the privilege of performing with. There are two kinds of musicians in this world; one who performs to live and one who lives to perform. Paulie lives to perform.

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