Philip Andreula



Philip Andreula is an accomplished keyboard player and songwriter that has been performing in party/wedding bands since the age of 19 years old.  For the last 12 years, Philip has been the keyboard player for Head Over Heels. He performs and programs all of the horns, strings, dance arrangements, and occasionally remixes for the band.


Philip Andreula’s entertainment career can be traced back to the early 1990’s, when he exploded onto the dance scene. Philip’s distinctive sound first surfaced with the release of George Lamond’s "Bad Of The Heart". By incorporating classical influences into dance music, Philip pioneered a unique blend of freestyle music, which was met with immediate success, earning him a reputation on the dance scene. Philip is continually expanding his talents into areas such as R&B, Funk, Pop, Rock, and New World. He is currently putting together a band that will perform live and cover all new material he has written, produced, and composed.


Philip’s talent’s do not stop there. Philip Andreula has also been consistently video editing for over 8 years, bringing over 15 years of audio experience into his work. He has worked on various network shows, ranging from a variety show to documentary/reality for the Outdoor Life and UK networks. Philip has also written original music for network shows like MTV (“MADE”) and CBS (“Latin Nation”).


Philip Andreula has a passion for video and music that drives him to constantly create. In the last year, he has co-written two feature length screenplays and is currently co-writing two more feature length screenplays at the same time. He also donned the hat of Director for the first time when he directed the trailer for one of his screenplays, entitled Enemy Mind. That same trailer was also produced, composed, and edited by Philip.